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Ball valves

Heavy – Strong – Big – Best – Mini

Ball valves made of forged brass.
- Brass stem
- Solid ball with cleaned and chromium plated surface
- PTFE seats
- Levers made of aluminum or steel
- Various threads


Wine tap (bibcock) – Garden bibcock

Hose union ball bibcock made of chromed brass
Garden neck bibcock or German type bibcock

Ball valves for gas

Inlet – Gas – Gasstrong

Gas hose union bibcocks for gas for domestic use brass made.
- Brass stem with double O-ring
- Brass solid ball with cleaned and chromium plated surface
- PTFE seats
- Threads according ISO 7/1

Hydronic components

Pressure reducers – Filling valves

- Filters and Check-valves
- Brass gate valve F/F
- Automatic filling valves
- Standard pressure reducers for water

Angle valves

Under-wash basin tap – washing machine tap

- Under wash basin tap
- Water connections
- Ball washing machine tap chromed

Thermostatic heads


Managing the temperature in each room of a flat is the best way to obtain people welfare and energetic savings.
The thermostatic head allows a correct heat emission from the radiator proportionally to the real existing room temperature and without affecting the others rooms.

Heatings valves

Thermostatic – presetting

Radiator valves

Radiator design valves


Angle radiator design compression end.
Chrome or white finishing

Thermostatic H-valves

Radiator design valves

Angle or straight H valve thermostatic.
Chrome or white finishing.



Varoius adapters – adapters and spacers


Linear manifolds

With headworks. Nickel finishing.

Safety valves

Air vents – safety valves

Automatic or manual valves.
Safety valves with manometer inlet.